About Internal Xposure

First off, We would like to explain why this page isn't titled "About Me". It's simple really, this website is about every person who visits it and is interested in making a life change. That first initial step in discovering the greatness within.

Our goal for this site is to help those who are interested in helping themselves and who are dedicated to paying it forward. We hope that Internal Xposure can spark an influence that motivates people to achieve what ever goal they set for themselves whether you want to loose weight, gain muscle, finish a project or pass an exam. In return you motivate someone else by passing on your knowledge and experiences.


A little Inspiration

So I started exercising vindictively about six years ago, at first things were going well, I was losing weight, gaining muscle and then I hit my first plateau. I started to freak out! Why, you might ask? Well it's because I was uneducated. I started to do an enormous amount of research online and with tons of trial and error I finally found a process that works for me. That's what Internal Xposure is here to do for you, help you nurture what's on the inside so that it shows on the outside. In six years I have achieved a lot in my appearance and that has started a kaleidoscope of other events such as confidence and self awareness which only makes me a better husband, father and person. Not only have I found away to beat that pesky cycle of stationary achievement I found a way to master it. This is not subject to only exercise but everyday life. I found away to install happiness in everything I do. So what are you waiting for,  let's get educated!

Feel free to drop us a line either in our chat box or through our contact page. We are here to help you!




President - Internal Xposure, LLC