Welcome to the IX Rewards Program




Internal Xposure's  Rewards Program

Earn points for every purchase!

How it works

Sign up, it's that easy! Earn 200 points for signing up and 2 point for every dollar spent!

How are points used?

When you make a purchase from internalxposure.com you earn 2 point for every dollar spent. 200 points are granted just for signing up and you can even earn rewards by referring your friends! Once you have accumulated enough points you can use them same as cash to purchase anything on internalxposure.com, there are no limitations to individual products!

What are my points worth?

500 points

 - $5 off discount

1000 points

 - $10 off discount

2500 points

 - $25 off discount

Referral Program

Earn rewards by referring your family, friends or someone you just met!

The referring customer will earn 

 - 100 points

The referred customer will earn

 - 200 points for signing up 

How else can I earn points?

Internal Xposure also gives points for other special occasions!


 - 50 points - Share


 - 50 points - Share

How do I sign up?

Create an account it's that simple

That's it!

Didn't remember to login when you were shopping, that's okay points will be added to your account if the email matches!


Terms and Conditions

Internal Xposure, LLC reserves the right at its sole discretion to change, suspend, or cancel any IX Rewards Program accounts for any conduct that we feel is in violation of the acceptable use of the  IX Rewards ProgramInternal Xposure, LLC also reserves the right to remove any IX Rewards Program points if we believe the account owner has tried to scam or abuse the IX Rewards Program in any way we deem unethical.

Order Rewards Points
As a IX Rewards member you will receive 1 reward point for every dollar you spend (minus any order discounts) You will not receive rewards points for any shipping costs or added taxes/feeds.

Social Sharing Rewards Points
You will get 50 reward points for each Facebook "Share" or Twitter "Tweet" posted using the buttons provided on the product pages as well as the links in the My Referrals section of your account. To ensure there is no spamming going on there is a maximum of one (5) Facebook "Shares" and one (5) Twitter "Tweets" per IX Rewards Program member account per day. You must be logged in to your Internal Xposure, LLC account at the time of the social sharing to earn your IX Rewards.

IX Rewards Points Expiration
IX Rewards points NEVER expire. You can save them up as long as you like.

General Conditions
Any visitor that creates an account at Internal Xposure, LLC is automatically entered in to the IX Rewards program. IX Rewards points cannot be traded or exchanged for cash. There is a strict limit of one account per person at Internal Xposure, LLC. The IX Rewards program is void where prohibited and Internal Xposure, LLC reserves the right to cancel any account deemed to be in violation of our program terms.

Limitation of Liability
Participation in the IX Rewards program automatically releases and holds Internal Xposure, LLC, and any affiliated companies, and employees from all liability of any loss, damage, or injuries of any kind stemming from or relating to the IX Rewards program. Internal Xposure, LLC will not assume responsibility for any pc, phone, network, electronic or Internet hardware or software malfunctions, failures, connections, or service provider, Internet, website use, net accessibility or availability, traffic congestion, or 3rd party unauthorized human intervention.

Protecting our visitors’ personal information is a top priority for us and we do everything possible to assure the safety of this information. Please review our Privacy Policy here. Participation in the IX Rewards program means you are agreeing to the collection and use of your personal information and agree that you have read and accepted our Privacy Policy in place on Internal Xposure.

If you have more questions about the IX Rewards program feel free to contact us via email, info@internalxposure.com